15 Jun

UK Performance Management Summit: Recap

Did you miss your chance to attend the UK Performance Management Summit 2017? Or maybe you’d just like to share resources and a summary from the day with colleagues?  Either way, it was a great learning event, and we’ve got you covered!



9 Sep

What are Core Values?

So far we have covered Vision and Mission in our series of blogs. In most Strategic Management Frameworks, Vision, Mission and Core Values are completed, at least in draft, to get the ball rolling. These pieces of the jigsaw fit into a Strategic Management Framework, which in turn is incorporated into many organizations’ “holistic” Performance Management Framework.

Core Values guide the day behaviour of an organization. They are the values or “behavioural descriptions” of what we want people to think about when they hear the organization’s name mentioned. “Oh, CAMMS they are………………..”

Sounds simple, yes, but there are some twists and turns to consider. READ MORE

8 Aug

The importance of “Visioning” to Performance Management: Part 2

In Part 1 of this blog post we established that developing your Vision Concepts is an important element of your integrated (Corporate) Planning process within your performance management framework. So how do we further define an integrated (Corporate) Planning process?

Read part 1 here

An integrated (corporate) planning process enables the linking of inputs ($, FTE) and outputs (products, services) to the vision of an organisation. Ideally all organisations should be able to track and report on service/product delivery/sales through to the highest element i.e. your Vision, in the Corporate Planning process. By achieving this we can be assured that we are aligning limited resources to achieving our high level outcomes. READ MORE

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