25 Nov

Sustainable Software Development

Sustainable Software Development refers to a set of principles and practices which enables a team to maintain an optimal speed in development indefinitely for the sustainability of the development team and ergo, the company.

18 Nov

4 Key Takeaways from RMIA Annual Conference!

It was a fantastic opportunity for CAMMS to take part in the RMIA Annual Conference 2019 that took place in Melbourne, Australia! The platform was a great space to engage in risk related discussions and novel approaches among much more! Some of our key takeaways were:

11 Jun

Webinar recording and slides: Leveraging smarter ideas for smarter decisions

Did you miss our latest webinar on ‘Leveraging smarter ideas for smarter decisions’? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

CAMMS hosted a live global webinar introducing our latest Ideas Management solution, cammsideas, to demonstrate how we can help your team align ideas and fresh thinking to strategy, get the right ideas to the right people and convert your ideas into rapid innovation.

You can check out the slides and request for the recording here.

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