Humanitarian and not-for-profit organizations do important work in our communities. CAMMS works with several NGOs to support this work, empowering these organizations with intelligent Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Many humanitarian organizations have complex structures, sometimes spread across multiple continents, or with numerous stakeholders to report to.

CAMMS’ software for NGOs gives the sector a purposebuilt framework to more easily achieve their goals. Our solutions are available as separate products, or two or more of them can be linked together in our SYCLE suite designed specifically for NGOs.

This unique, integrated approach, allows organizations to connect planning across their entire enterprise, moving away from isolated, disparate systems. An organization’s strategy can be linked to key operational functions, such as enterprise risk management, project and portfolio management, performance assessment and personal development, financial planning and budgeting management, and business intelligence and analytics.

We offer NGOs a simple-to-use, united system – a single source of truth for all.