A productive manufacturing sector is a critical element of a thriving economy. But, technological innovation – in the form of automation, digitization and new materials – has changed what it means to be a manufacturer; both domestically or internationally. The industry must reflect this by becoming highly-integrated, collaborative and even more data-driven. To achieve this, industry leaders need effective performance management. Enter CAMMS.

Our SYCLE software suite helps manufacturing professionals like you improve operations and financial performance, and connect planning across the entire enterprise. As an end-to-end performance management system for manufacturers, SYCLE can support your business through the entire manufacturing process, including resource planning, capacity requirements and utilization, process analysis, project management, risk mitigation and progress reporting. Our state-of-the art software is also simple – these are products your people will actually want to use; saving them time, and saving your business money.

With easy-to-access analytics, KPIs, reports, dashboards and Business Process Management (BPM) capabilities, CAMMS and SYCLE empower you with the tools to analyze everything – from employee productivity, assembly line efficiency, order size and production run viability, customer behavior and profitability, supply chain performance and inventory management. Deliver actionable insights from across all areas of the business.

Whether it’s measuring and establishing process KPIs including manufacturing cycle time, throughput and yield; operating metrics like Overall Equipment Effectiveness, changeover time; schedule or production attainment, Planned Maintenance Percentage and overall availability; or relationship-related measures such as Customer Fill Rate, customer returns, on-time delivery and Supplier Defect Rate. Executives gain the high level visibility required to make informed decisions and execute against company strategy, while intuitive dashboards, customized visualizations and personalized role-based views of data enable workers to monitor and manage the operations they’re responsible for in real-time.

Whatever your needs, CAMMS’ manufacturing software is seamlessly configurable to meet your specific requirements. From harnessing reporting and analytics to measure and monitor all the moving parts of your business; developing repeatable and profitable processes with Project Management workflows and best practice BPM; to protecting your workers, profitability, client and supplier relationships with robust risk and incident management.

SYCLE is one of the only fully integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence systems in the world. Or, you can simply select the individual solutions you need, implementing them as standalone world-class products to meet your performance management goals. Then, as your business grows, we’ll grow with you.