Like many other industries, the healthcare sector is facing challenging times.

With increased demand around regulatory reforms and accreditation standards, ballooning operating costs, declining revenues, an aging population and demand for better patient care, this is an industry that must plan for the future or be left behind.

To assist healthcare providers – and healthcare networks such as the NHS in the UK – with their goal to provide world-class healthcare to a growing number of patients, CAMMS developed its healthcare management software system, SYCLE.

This fully integrated health performance management solution supports the healthcare industry in its planning, monitoring and performance analysis by directly aligning strategy to business outcomes.

Improve collaboration and increase efficiency with one uniform system used across the entire organization. CAMMS’ healthcare management software also helps plan for growth, with scalable and adaptable tools.

Developed and refined over two decades, with extensive collaboration from healthcare organizations worldwide, our health performance management system helps to empower organizations to tackle the challenges and responsibilities of modern healthcare management.

From public health performance management, to work with aged care providers, healthcare networks and hospitals, CAMMS’ healthcare management software, SYCLE Health, has been put to use by many different providers across the globe.

Additionally, we offer all of our software solutions as individual products – so you can choose exactly what you need.

“Through the utilization of CAMMS’ solutions we have made reporting intuitive, something managers think about on a regular basis.”

Yvonne Wrigglesworth, Bendigo Health, Australia