The public sector is complex, with multiple layers and a diverse range of stakeholders and governance requirements. Managing oft-competing priorities, compliance needs and legislation can be a challenge.

CAMMS has a strong history of work supporting all levels of Government, dating back to our origins as a company in 1996.

Government performance around the world is facing much closer scrutiny, increased financial pressure and high expectations for service delivery.

At CAMMS, we believe that the only way to deliver better government performance is to empower your organization with a more intelligent Enterprise Performance Management system.

Our government management software is offered as individual products, or you can purchase two or more of them and integrate them as part of our enterprise offering, SYCLE.

CAMMS’ complete performance management system, SYCLE, gives the public sector a purpose-built government performance management framework to easily measure government performance and show where improvements can be made.

This unique, integrated approach allows you to connect planning across your entire government management system, moving away from isolated, disparate systems.

Your organization’s strategy can be linked to key operational functions, such as enterprise risk management, government project management, performance assessment and personal development, financial planning and budgeting management, and business intelligence and analytics.

Our software systems offer performance management for Federal Government or State Government. We also work closely with Local Government. To read more about this, click here.

We offer you individual products, or one government performance management system – a single source of truth to drive your organization from strategy to reality, successfully responding to the challenges and responsibilities facing all levels of Government.

“CAMMS offers a seamless approach to project management with linkages to finance – from task up to vision – which was what we were after”

Kurt Abbot, Waikato District Council, New Zealand