Financial Services

The financial services and insurance industries are essential components of any healthy economy, encompassing banking, insurance, superannuation, investment and other financial services. Ensuring that their operations are robust and efficient is key to creating confidence and prosperity in the business community – and the community at large.

The challenges faced by the financial service industry are shaped by both global economic trends and local factors, including shifts in economic power, urbanization, regulatory changes, changing customer expectations and rapidly evolving technology.

Recent developments including peer-to-peer lending and crypto-currencies only serve to further increase the need for financial service providers to monitor, analyze and report on their operational performance in an integrated, timely fashion.

CAMMS’ SYCLE software suite supports businesses to integrate planning across their entire organization and find improvements in efficiency, accuracy and profitability from start to finish.

As a fully-integrated performance management solution for the finance and insurance industry, SYCLE empowers businesses with the planning, analysis, reporting and management tools needed to thrive in today’s complex business environment.

CAMMS’ SYCLE suite encompasses resource planning, risk mitigation, strategic planning, people management and process analysis, allowing financial and insurance organizations to more readily achieve their strategic goals and easily report on performance to board members and stakeholders.

The flexibility and scalability of SYCLE allows organizations to use it either as a complete performance management solution – providing all the necessary reporting, analysis and management tools in the one place – or as standalone products that can be added to over time or as the business grows, accommodating the needs of both large and small organizations.

SYCLE can also be customized to by organizations to suit their specific needs, allowing them to manage and report on performance according to the individual nature of their business and operations.

Easy-to-access KPIs and reports provide organizations with the tools to evaluate everything, from employee productivity, to customer behavior, project profitability and market risks.

Use the fully customizable dashboards to report on progress in real-time, enabling decisions to be made more rapidly. It’s easy to ensure that everyone is on the same page, from the customer service desks to the boardroom.

Our native mobile applications for both iOS and Android enable users to access reports and insights wherever they are, supporting real-time collaboration across all business activities – and time zones.

Large volumes of data are also easily accommodated within SYCLE, using CAMMS’ seamless integration with data warehousing and business intelligence solutions, ensuring organizations have access to all of their data when and where they need it.

As an end-to-end solution for financial performance management, linked directly to strategic goals, SYCLE offers a world-class enterprise performance management solution for the financial and insurance industry.