Along with private sector clients within the Transport, Logistics, Not-For-Profit and Health sectors, CAMMS also works to improve corporate performance management with clients in a variety of other fields, including Insurance and Finance, Retail and Hospitality.

CAMMS’ corporate performance systems are versatile and adaptable to many different industries. Organizations can purchase our solutions as separate entities, or combine two or more through our powerful, integrated platform, SYCLE – our enterprise corporate performance management tool.

Our SYCLE suite is one of the only fully integrated, end-to-end corporate performance management and Business Intelligence (BI) systems in the world. Your organization’s strategy can be linked to key operational functions, such as enterprise risk management or project and portfolio management.

Our corporate management software can help your organization from a strategic corporate performance management perspective, as well as a financial corporate performance management perspective.

We offer you a cost-effective way of managing your business smoothly – a single source of truth to help your organization move forward.