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Welcome to our newsletter. In this issue we'll be looking at CAMMS integration, exciting new enhancements to Power Data and employee evaluation solutions; exploring CAMMS new approach to quality and welcoming our newest clients aboard.

Simplify integration for smarter decision making

Empower your organisation with CAMMS industry leading suite of CPM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. CAMMS "Intelligent Performance" concept brings data from a range of your existing business systems into our CPM-focussed applications to give you a single point of truth for all of your BI and reporting needs.

CAMMS has developed a suite of integration 'connectors' to various third party systems (e.g. Finance, HR/Active Directory, Document Management and performance data); of which the data can be automatically imported into CAMMS' solutions.

Enhance existing reporting through the culmination of your existing KPI data in CAMMS' suite with transactional data held in customer services, IT, records, GIS, HR/payroll, assets, building & planning, property, health, libraries and community service systems and databases.

Maximise the value in all of your corporate data with monitoring and reporting all "at the click of a button" – from standard reporting templates to "self-service" Business Intelligence dashboard analysis.

  • Consolidate data from disparate systems, templates & databases
  • Ownership of one single repository for all performance data
  • Minimise manual updating and reporting efforts
  • Information “on-demand” available for decision making
  • More visible trend reporting and analysis
  • Slice and dice data the way you want it
  • Move towards “self-service” BI and reporting (without reliance on IT staff)
  • Combine corporate indicators with other data analytics
  • Enjoy tailored dashboards that meet users' needs
  • City of Bunbury leads the way in integration

    "The City of Bunbury is using Sycle to develop its  Strategic Community Plan, Corporate Business Plan, Long Term Financial Plan, and Annual Budget.  All departments have prepared a business plan that defines their services and key activities.  Council’s financial management system has been modified to align with departmental services and key activities. This approach has enabled Council to integrate its financial management and strategic and business planning frameworks.

    Financial integration has enabled departmental staff to review their physical progress and financial performance through a single interface, Sycle.

    EIS is used to review budget performance at any level in our organisation structure and facilitates analysis down to transaction level.

    All monthly management reporting is now available through the Sycle reporting menu.  Action Progress reporting is used to capture budget variation comments and a report has been developed to summarise this information as part of our October and February budget review processes.
    We now have a ‘one stop shop’ to see how our physical and financial reporting is progressing.  Staff have converted financial graphs previously captured using Excel into performance measures in Sycle. Currently data is entered manually using the Sycle input screens,  but our next step is to automate this process using the data warehouse  available in Power Data."

    Greg Golinski
    Manager Corporate Performance
    City of Bunbury.

    To find out more about CAMMS integration possibilities, please contact

    Powerful enhancements for Power Data

    Multiple year comparison for KPIs

    Power Data now allows users to load KPI values for multiple financial years and do comparisons. Comparison can be done with actuals, period actuals, targets, period targets, status and performance, in bar chart, scorecard, and speedometer formats. Data can be loaded directly from interplan.

    Bar Chart




    The initial implementation has two controls: a data grid and bar chart. The data grid allows users to add any number of dimensions on both columns and rows, associating with either OLAP measures or KPIs. Once added, analysis can be done through expanding/collapsing and slicing and dicing.

    The bar chart can be configured for any number of KPIs/Measures. The X-Axis can be configured for a particular dimension and another can be configured as a series. This provides drill-down and slicing and dicing capabilities too.

    Data grid

    Bar Chart

    Employee Evaluation Made Easy

    CAMMS' Personnel Evaluation System (PES) is an easy way to assess capabilities and provides management with a comprehensive online solution. PES allows you to manage, monitor and develop training needs for your staff, as well as integrate the evaluation process with your strategic and corporate planning process.

    PES will enable your organisation to:-

    • Consolidate data from disparate sources
    • Reduce manual collation of data required
    • Link business planning responsibilities to individual performance review processes
    • Include individual staff performance plans and staff development plans in a single online system
    • Build comprehensive scorecards and performance reporting as well as online dashboards
    • Collate and analyse results at all levels of the organisation

    To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, please contact CAMMS on, please contact

    Welcome Aboard!

    We'd like to extend a warm welcome to CAMMS to our following new clients:

    Goulburn Valley Health

    Goulburn Valley Health is the most recent organisation to have chosen CAMMS premier product SYCLE to drive their intelligent performance reporting - including reporting against the National Health Standards and Statement of Priorities.

    Goulburn Valley Health was looking for a Corporate Performance Management system to centralise planning and performance information into one integrated system. SYCLE's holistic approach will allow Goulburn Valley Health to streamline their business planning process and performance reporting requirements.

    District Council of Grant

    Our newest local government client is closer to our Adelaide office than most. The District Council of Grant is South Australia's most southerly Council; surrounding the city of Mount Gambier.

    The Council chose CAMMS' interplan to bring together their strategic, business and service level planning into a common monitoring and reporting framework.

    Whangarei District Council

    Whangarei, based on the northern coastal shores of New Zealand's North Island, is a thriving, modern and vibrant city with a population of 75,000. Whangarei selected CAMMS interplan and Integrated Risk Management solutions.

    Greater Shepparton District Council

    Greater Shepparton District Council, based two hours north of Melbourne, is home to approximately 62,000 residents. Council recently introduced interplan and PES to drive their planning and employee development processes.


    Bendigo Health

    As an organisation with over 3,000 staff spread over three main campuses, Bendigo Health chose CAMMS' premier product, SYCLE, to empower intelligent performance.

    New CAMMS Partners & Alliances Manager

    We are thrilled to announce that Theo Zabilowicz has recently joined CAMMS as Manager - Worldwide Partners & Alliances. Theo joins our UK office following 10 years at Actuate, a Californian based CPM software vendor, where he was most recently Director of Indirect Channels, Performance Management division. We wish Theo all the best in his new role at CAMMS.


    CAMMS New Approach to Quality

    At CAMMS we recently identified several opportunities to improve the quality of our products. We have recently introduced test automations software as part of the quality assurance process of each new product - previously new releases had been tested manually. Our Quality Assurance team are being retrained – with a focus on testing each new release from an end user perspective.

    Furthermore, we have introduced a new role. Dylan Pascoe is our new Project Manager – Release Integrity. Dylan's role positions him as 'quality guru' and we are pleased to have a dedicated resource to ensure our quality is better than ever.

    To find out more please contact


    CAMMS Online Support Portal

    We would like to share quick reminder to log in to CAMMS online Support Portal – it's the quickest way to rectify any issues you may be experiencing. Below are some handy reminders of the types of cases you can log:

    • New Case Type "UAT Release Issue" – this case type is now used to log any issues that you find within your Self Hosted release in UAT/Test environment. Note: only applies to Self Hosted Clients when checking upgrades in their UAT environment.
    • New Case Type "Deployment Service Requests" -This case type refers to any service requests to do with configurations or deployment of upgrades. This may include: Label replacements/Software installations/Self Hosted system upgrade requests/configurations of parameters.
    • New Case Categories: SH Release UAT Defects and concerns, Product Upgrade Requests, Live Migration Requests, Product Activation Requests. These categories have been added to further categorise your case type request.
    • New User Manual available to download via the portal - within the portal there is a new menu "User Manual" which you can download the latest User Manual to print out if required.

    To download the user manual now, click here.

    CEO Briefing

    Key Sri Lankan business representatives were recently treated to a briefing session in the country's capital, Colombo, from renowned Corporate Performance Management expert, CAMMS Managing Director Joe Collins.

    Joe's presentation – 'How to positively impact your profitability with effective governance and reporting'- was attended by over 100 CEOs and Managing Directors, who gained insights into the essential requirements for sustainable profitability in business.

    Representatives from companies including Brandix, CEAT, Odel, DFCC, Hemas, Etisalat, Expolanka and John Keells were amongst the delegates who heard how dangerous it is for companies to rely on financial data alone for Corporate Performance Management and decision making.

    Customer Care... your roadside assistance

    Sometimes the unexpected occurs but with the assurance of CAMMS Customer Care Program it is unlikely to be more than a minor inconvenience. CAMMS Customer Care Program entitles clients to a set number of product support hours per year with the option of purchasing additional customer care hours as and when required. In general, the Customer Care Allowance can be used for minor queries/assistance/advice. Support and activities covered by Customer Care include:
    • Assistance with product functionality
    • Label replacements
    • Over the phone 'how to' questions
    • Assistance with problems caused by faults in the client's internal systems, including hardware, software, network etc.
    • Small configuration requests including tick boxes, label replacements, and small report formatting changes
    • Provision of change request estimates
    • Infrastructure related requests such as providing backups/product installation assistance
    • Data entry

    CAMMS will track time spent by each client on Customer Care and will notify clients when their Customer Care Allowance has been 80% utilised. Clients can receive a statement of Customer Care utilisation upon special request from CAMMS.

    So next time the unexpected happens – don't delay – call CAMMS and get back on the road again!

    To download the customer care policy now, click here.