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Increasingly organisations are initiating process mapping and the review of services as a means to implement and support change.



The benefits of documenting and managing what we do and how we can change it to do it better, is unquestionable and universally accepted as an essential part of organisational improvement.


Is there a lack of "information substance" around the resurgence of service reviews? The question needs to be asked:

Are organisations relying too heavily on traditional process mapping to drive continuous improvement and not incorporating the "hard" elements of service review?

Do organisations find it too difficult and costly (both in time and money) to bring together "hard" but essential elements of Service Review, which include:


♦ Undertaking strategic needs analysis linked to delivery options and service standards

♦ Accurately defining the resource implications of decision making, ie what are the financial and staffing impacts of change

♦ Correlating the inputs, resources allocated, and the physical outputs delivered

♦ Incorporating multiple "what if" scenarios linked to service standards

♦ Developing action plans that can be monitored to ensure successful implementation

♦ Creating and monitoring of performance metrics directly linked to the service, its processes and its deliverables

♦ Establishing strong links between service review and the budget


Achieving the above normally requires a range of different databases including process mapping solutions, excel spreadsheets, measurement tools and multiple word templates. The result is that every minor variation requires significant rework and reiteration and add considerable costs to business improvement.


To find out how to ensure your organisation is getting it right, please to download the White Paper: Unleashing the power of service review


Etisalat Lanka, one of Sri Lanka’s leading mobile telecommunications providers, recently signed a four year agreement with CAMMS Asia to plan, mitigate, and execute their strategic business objectives. Etisalat (http://www.etisalat.lk) began its operations in Sri Lanka in 2010 and is fully owned and operated by the Emirates Telecommunication Corporation in UAE.  Our next newsletter we will feature news of the implementation of CAMMS solutions to provide


♦ timely intelligence to add value to Etisalat Lanka's 4 million customers

♦ competitive advantages for the company based on market insights and consumer behaviour

♦ an execution engine that will allow planning, risk mitigation and execution of the insights generated by BI


CAMMS Conference will be held Monday 11 November and Tuesday 12 November
at the Harbourview Function Centre in Newcastle, NSW, Australia. You can't afford to miss this FREE opportunity to hear about:


♦ transforming businesses to achieve high performance

♦ how to effectively and efficiently manage with reducing budgets

♦ essential steps to getting performance management right

♦ personal experiences and lessons learnt changing the performance culture throughout organisations

♦ reducing the total cost of delivering reports

♦ aligning your organisation's deployment plans and business improvement plans with the CAMMS product roadmap


Greater Shepparton City Council, Victoria, Australia were using an excel spreadsheet for reporting which was saved in a records management system and could only be accessed by one person at a time. Having used CAMMS performance management tool interplan® since 2012 they have found a massive improvement because all of their responsible officers can be in the system at the same time, even in remote locations if need be. It is an enormous step forward as they can grab an opportunity to update information whenever they have a chance and the benefit for the organisation is they don't lose resource time with staff going to find someone else is using the system and then having to go back later.


Shaheen Evans, Executive Manager – Planning and Risk at Villa Maria, Victoria, Australia recently returned from ERM Regional Conference in Malaysia and has used the knowledge he gained there, as well as other conferences, to develop a blueprint for the Risk Manager of the Future. He foresees the Risk Manager of the Future will need great people skills and a clear understanding of change management and human behaviour as well as being open to new technology.




The City of Boroondara, Victoria, Australia needed an effective way to report on a plethora of plans, actions and reports, to replace the manual spreadsheets and word documents they had been using. interplan® allowed them to report on additional data within their annual report and quarterly reporting program and has streamlined the process substantially. They have consistently won a gold award in the Australasian Reporting Awards (for both private and public sectors) for their Annual Report.


The District Council of Grant, South Australia, recently went live with CAMMS performance management tool interplan®. Their CEO, Trevor Smart said previously there was a tremendous effort going into compiling and co-ordinating reports by both management and support staff – but there had to be a better way.


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