Welcome to the CAMMS Newsletter – December 2012

Welcome to our final newsletter of the year. As we approach the end of 2012, our focus is very much on improving efficiency through integration. Training also remains a big focus – so we’ve introduced a range of specialised CPM and BI courses to empower your staff.

We’ll also be looking at key insights from our clients around the globe and have included a special offer for our newsletter readers to try our new flexible reporting tool free of charge.  Have a safe and happy holiday season – we look forward to working with you to drive intelligent performance for your organisation in 2013.

Why Integration Should be Key for Local Government

The fact that technology can represent a huge cost saving and enable superior service delivery is a no-brainer - so why do so many local government agencies continue to engage in the resource-intensive practice of re-entering data from one system or form to another?

Local government departments attempt to increase efficiency by using technology to engage with their stakeholders for good reason. Socitm research estimates potential savings from 'front office' channel shift across all English councils at between 134m and 421m GBP, depending on the scale of reduction (20% or 50%) achieved in the total of phone calls and face-to-face contacts, and the cost base used.

This doesn’t seem like rocket science – yet nearly half of councils continue to waste time retyping seventy-five percent of data received via e-forms back into their own systems! This is just one example of how resources are squandered on a process that could easily be automated.

Worryingly, almost a quarter of authorities reported that less than 10% of processes handled through a digital CRM system are integrated with their own back office systems.

So why is system integration a rarity? As authorities face increasing pressure to work more collaboratively, surely it should be fundamental to the future of local government IT that systems are able to ‘talk’ to each other rather than operating as silos?

After all, the benefits of a fully integrated system include the ability to consolidate data from disparate sources, access to accurate data to enable smarter decision making, and the ability to combine CPM data with historical information. The ability to identify business trends, risks and opportunities – plus minimising manual processes and resource inefficiencies – could save more money than you think.

The technology certainly exists to eliminate these resource intensive processes – but when will this become a priority in local government? CAMMS provides pre-packaged connectors to various third-party systems, plus our integration experts have a proven track record of rapidly developing connectors to disparate corporate systems.

To find out more about driving integration in your organisation, please contact Beau Murfitt, General Manager, Services on +61 (0)8 8212 5188 or beau@cammsgroup.com

CAMMS – Your training partner for ongoing professional development

CAMMS Training - Your training partner for ongoing professional development

Successful organisations are those that appreciate their people and value the contribution they can make. A well designed and structured training program is essential to enable an organisation to improve performance through its people. Unfortunately, many organisations continue to allocate inadequate budget to training and development.

CAMMS Client Training delivers exceptional training and support outcomes through a blend of delivery methods focused on all areas of Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI). 

Our key focus is on increasing business performance outcomes by assisting organisations with our experience and resources in the following areas:-

At CAMMS, we believe that training should be seen as an ongoing investment – not a one off event. In today’s rapidly changing world, it’s paramount that your organisation keeps up with trends. By making training part of ongoing professional development for your staff, you can aid retention levels, ensure sufficient knowledge management and keep your staff motivated to achieve strategic goals.

To find out how we can support your organisation, please contact Samantha Abbott – Client Training Manager on +61 (0)8 8212 5188 or sam@cammsgroup.com

CAMMS Launches New Blog


We’re excited to announce that our Managing Director Joe Collins has joined the blogosphere. Joe will share insights around his passions, including strategic planning, CPM, training, stakeholder engagement, BI, project management and service delivery. You can read Joe’s first posts here.

If there’s a topic you’d like to provide a guest blog on we’d love to hear from you. Please contact Robin Hopkinson, Acting Marketing Manager on +61 (0)8 8212 5188 or robin@cammsgroup.com

Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

In our last newsletter we gave a sneak preview of one of our new reporting modules, which forms part of the CAMMS Insights self-service reporting suite. We’re excited to announce that CAMMS Insights for Microsoft Word is now available – and we’re offering a free trial for our newsletter readers.

CAMMS Insights for Microsoft Word offers flexible reporting regardless of a user’s technical ability. The tool enables:

  • High quality reports
  • One-touch regular reporting
  • Total flexibility
  • Insights into organisation performance
  • Drive empowerment – put your staff in control
  • Informed decision making: turn data into actionable information
  • Quality range of custom visuals including traffic lights and progress bars

Click here to find out more  or watch a short video - alternatively please contact Adam Collins, Manager Corporate Performance on +61 (0)8 8212 5188 or adam@cammsgroup.com to initiate your free trial.


2012 – The Year That Was

CAMMS Survey 2012

We’d like to say a big thank you to our clients who participated in our 2012 client survey. We’ll be sharing key findings in our first newsletter of 2013. These surveys are so important for us to drive continuous improvement to ensure we can offer you the best possible service.

From the feedback provided in last year’s survey, we made the following changes:

Client support

We appointed a new Helpdesk Manager, Sally Hurst, in our Adelaide office

Account management

A new client support process has been implemented and an Australia / New Zealand National Account Manager role has been created in our Melbourne office

Continuous improvement program

Focusing on monitoring and refining our systems and processes to improve quality in key areas has commenced

Product consolidation

The recent suite upgrade has enabled more efficient database maintenance as well as new functionality

Loyalty program

Was launched at the CAMMS Performance Management Summit in March


Shared Global Knowledge

In this edition our shared global knowledge comes from our clients in Australia.


Boroondara logo
The City of Boroondara is a metropolitan council in the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The City is home to over 166,000 people and represents an area of nearly 6000 hectares. Whilst the City had followed a robust business planning process for over ten years, it still relied on manual data entry to enable corporate reporting on strategic and business objectives.

The City introduced CAMMS Integrated Business Planning (IBP) module, providing a comprehensive, flexible and systematic business planning framework. The system enables business plan development to take place online, incorporating consistent elements for all business units, applicable reference material, and an integrated approval/sign off process.

IBP has enhanced the business planning process and assisted with business efficiency.  The role out was streamlined, with integration to the corporate reporting tool, CAMMS interplan, - all future need for manual data entry has been removed. - Gail Power - Senior Business Analyst, City of Boroondara

City of Melville

City of Melville

CAMMS Integrated Project Manager solution allows organisations to manage projects from commencement to evaluation, revolutionising the way they assess, manage and report on projects. Western Australia’s City of Melville recently chose IPM as a key component of their planning framework.

Prioritising projects within a government organisation is critical. Whereas private companies are able to base project decisions purely on budget, it’s vital that we prioritise projects that will be of most benefit to our community. The City of Melville chose CAMMS Integrated Project Manager solution to allow us to ensure we meet our stakeholders’ needs.” - Tracey Hirst, Business Improvement Coordinator, City of Melville

Free webinar to share with your team

CAMMS Webinars

Essential elements of corporate performance management

CAMMS is pleased to announce the launch of a new webinar program which offers continuous professional development covering key trends, practical issues and fundamental knowledge around Corporate Performance Management (CPM) and Business Intelligence (BI) concepts - in bitesize 1hour sessions.

To celebrate the launch you are invited to attend a FREE introductory webinar entitled “Essential elements of corporate performance management” which will help participants understand performance management concepts; why effective performance management is more than just measures; and the essential elements for a successful performance management system.

Essential elements of corporate performance management
Presented by: Brad Smith
13/12 – 10am and 2pm CDT | 12/12 – 3.30pm PST

Don’t miss out on this back to basics guide to effective corporate performance management – register today (10:00 AM - 11:00 AM ACDT | 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM ACDT).

After registering you will receive a confirmation email with a calendar invite and instructions on how to join the webinar.

View all upcoming webinars http://www.cammsgroup.com/training-portal


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