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8 Brad on Lean Six Sigma
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We've been really busy over the last few months, taking part in a lot of key events and activities around the globe, so we do have a lot to share with you.
Speaking of sharing, Joe Collins, our Managing Director has also been divulging his wealth of knowledge in his blog series. Learn more about Vision, Mission, Core Values and Environmental Analysis and keep up with the latest posts here.
We'd also like to say a huge congratulations to CAMMS' Principal Consultant, Brad Smith, for gaining the Green Belt in Six Sigma! You can find out more about that later in the newsletter.
Read on to find out about our latest product offerings, newest clients and what's coming up next!
Client success stories
Congratulations to Waikato District Council for being recognised at the annual Project Management Institute New Zealand (PMINZ) Awards in the category of PMO of the year!
Read the full story here.
Waikato District Council
New Customer Wins and Go Lives
WorkCover WA – IRM Latrobe City Council - Power Data
WorkCover WA – IRM
WorkCover WA, a state government agency in Western Australia, chose CAMMS IRM out of 14 possible ERM vendors. You can read more about why they chose CAMMS here.
Latrobe City Council - Power Data
Latrobe CC will be using PD for online dashboarding / regular monitoring of the LGPRF indicators, along with presentation of corporate planning, risk management, project management and financial data.
Upper Hunter Shire Council - interplan® City of Yarra - IPM
Sturgeon County –  interplan® and IBP
Balonne Shire Council – interplan® City of Leduc - IPM
Product Releases
LGPRF Solution
In response to requests from Victorian Local Government clients, CAMMS has developed a LG Performance Reporting Framework solution preloaded with all 72 compulsory key performance indicators (KPIs) and the 192 measures they are calculated from. The solution is easily established in interplan®, ready for input of results data to enable monitoring and reporting.
We held a popular webinar at the beginning of September which ran through the variety of options available to Victorian Councils in order to meet the requirements.
If you are interested in learning more about our LGPRF Solution please get in touch.
Budget Management Centre v2 is on the way!
The new BMC will fully integrate your budgeting process with your planning and performance management reporting framework to deliver high integrity financial views of the whole organisation. New features and benefits include the ability to:
develop long term financial plans that support the strategic and business planning process
develop detailed annual budgets
save time and resources in the budget development and monitoring process
analyse results faster
simplify monitoring of actual performance against budget through the use of on-line portals, dashboards and system alerts
simplify forecasting of required changes to budget and end of year results
budget the way you want with flexible workflow functionality and web based technology
get automatically prepared statutory reports
You will be hearing more about the new features and upgrades in the upcoming months, but if you would like to know more now contact us.
Heads up on Microsoft changes
Microsoft will stop supporting IE8 and other older versions of Internet Explorer from January 2016.
Click here to read the statement from Microsoft.
Refresher on Client Support processes
Are you aware of the Support Services that CAMMS deliver? You might not be aware of the support channels that you can go through in order to have your query or issue responded to and resolved.
CAMMS is committed to delivering outstanding customer support, ensuring that you are getting the very best out of your CAMMS suite of products and services. Here's a refresher on the support channels best to go through in order for the CAMMS team to attend to your case.
From reporting an issue, requesting custom modifications, viewing FAQs, seeking clarification on business rules, updating your contact details or submitting enhancements / suggestions – the Customer Support Portal is there for you.
Support Process diagram for CAMMS Global Helpdesk
Click on the image to see the Support Process diagram for
CAMMS Global Helpdesk
Please click here to review the latest Support Manual on our Online Support Portal. A Help Desk team member will be allocated to your support case and will be in liaison with you during the resolution process.
However if you feel like you need to escalate your request further, the Support Escalation Process is in place to ensure effective support.
For all contact details and support hours click here.
Great Offers and Webinars
CAMMS Cloud Offer
CAMMS Cloud Offer
Self-hosted? Why not switch to the cloud?
For a limited time only, move to the cloud at no cost saving $1000 AUD minimum!
Contact us for more information.
Hazard Management Offer for October
CAMMS Hazard Management Solution enables organisations to identify and assess hazards, devise hazard risk mitigation plans and monitor outcomes on a rolling basis for any number of hazards. For the month of October only (until the 31st) you can get almost 1/3rd off the price, whilst reaping the maximum reward!
Contact us to find out more!
Insights Webinar
Insights Webinar
22nd October 2014
Register - 11am EDT /4pm PDT / 4pm BST
Insights is a sophisticated reporting tool feature that's flexible and easy to use.
Join this webinar to learn how to do the following leveraging the Insights tool:
Capture the data you need, when you need it
Easily create reports
Gain powerful insights into your organisation's performance
Drive empowerment - put your staff in control
Informed decision making: turn data into actionable information.
October Webinar Series
We will also be running a webinar series!
You can sign up for any or all of the following FREE 45 min long webinars:
Integrated Project Manager Webinar
Integrated Risk Manager Webinar
interplan® webinar
Personnel Evaluation System Webinar
Register your interest now!
Brad on Lean Six Sigma
CAMMS Principal Consultant Brad Smith was recently successful in obtaining a Green Belt grading in Lean Six Sigma from the University of Adelaide.
Here he explains what it is and how it can help:
"Lean Six Sigma (LSS) is a powerful combination of two business improvement methodologies, Lean Management, which reduces waste and cost by streamlining processes and Six Sigma which reduces defects/ improves quality, reliability and revenue. LSS essentially enables organisations to do more with less. By involving employees in the improvement process, LSS helps drive a culture of accountability and ownership. Training for LSS is provided through a belt based training system similar to that of Six Sigma. The belt grading progresses from White Belt to Yellow Belt to Green Belt and Black Belt."
If you’d like to learn more about Six Sigma or how it could help your organisation contact Brad.
Hunter Valley User Group Meeting July 2014 NSW
Brad Smith, Jonathan Andersen and Matt Lovell recently facilitated a regional NSW user group meeting in Maitland that featured best-practice case studies on:
Integrated Planning, Performance Management and Reporting using CAMMS' technology
Enterprise Project Management – how to optimise project management practices & maturity and align this with corporate planning, risk management, budgeting and corporate reporting processes
Matt, Brad and Jonathan with attendees at the Hunter Valley User Group
Matt, Brad and Jonathan with attendees at the Hunter Valley User Group
The workshop also gave attendees the opportunity to share ideas, leverage lessons learnt and discuss synergies in how they are utilising CAMMS' solutions.
Events and Sponsorships
Alarm National Education Forum
22nd – 24th June, Manchester, United Kingdom
Over 450 Risk and Insurance professionals from across the UK's Public Sector attended the three day event. The main themes were "Managing Risks within Budget" and "How to Manage if Budgets are Continually Cut."
Alarm National Education Forum
Our UK team invited Bob Ford from Dorset Fire and Rescue Service to join them for a day and got a chance to demonstrate our market leading ERM solution IRM.
Adam Westbrook, General Manager, CAMMS UK says, "This event really drove home the importance of risk management in all organisations today. We were really happy with the amount of interest that was shown in IRM."
CAMMS donated a Business Process Health Check at the Awards Dinner which was won by Michael Pegram of Hackney Borough Council.
LG Industry XChange
29th-31st July 2014, Sydney, Australia
This event offered a great opportunity to learn new skills, network and get some insight from other Local Government Professionals.
LG Industry XChange
Daniel chairing the "My Council Rocks…" session
In addition CAMMS director Daniel Anderson chaired the popular speakers session "My Council Rocks because" which brought together 5 council workers from NSW to explain why their council is remarkable. Read more on this here.
Bendigo Health Briefing
1st August 2014, Bendigo, Australia
The Bendigo Health Care event was attended by a number of people from a range of regional healthcare groups.
Joshua Gladstone speaking at the Bendigo Health Briefing
Joshua Gladstone speaking at the Bendigo Health Briefing
The event provided them with the opportunity to learn from Bendigo Health's journey from being data rich and information poor to efficient and effective corporate reporting with the support of CAMMS solutions. Read more here.
The 2014 Capital Region Municipal Golf Tournament
17th August, Alberta, Canada
The event was a significant opportunity for all members of the Capital Region to further their regional working relationship with each other. Beau Murfitt, GM for North America says,
"We look forward to supporting and working with the Capital Region Board and its membership in future."
Project Management in New Zealand National Conference and Awards
3rd-5th September, New Zealand
We were proud to be a part of the 20th annual PMINZ Conference, themed "Soaring to New Heights". It was great to catch up with those at the forefront of project management trends in New Zealand. Keynote speakers included businessman and sportsman, Mark Weldon and Olympian Rob Waddell.
The Awards ceremony took place at the Wigram Airforce Museum. Read more here.
Here's Matt with Jarrad Thomas from Waikato DC
Here's Matt with Jarrad Thomas from Waikato DC (Finalist for PMO of the Year).
Alberta Rural Municipal Administrators' Association Conference
3rd-5th September, Alberta, Canada
Kathleen missed out on the themed outfits and had to wear a silly hat!
Kathleen missed out on the themed outfits and had to wear a silly hat!
This event was packed with educational and information sessions. We spent a lot of time mingling with professionals and discussing how CAMMS helps Municipalities implement and monitor their strategic plans.
Unit 4 Connects
15th-19th September, Las Vegas, U.S.A
This Conference brought together Unit4 users from around the globe. We got to meet people from around the world and gave delegates a sneak peek of the new BMC!
Beau and Kathleen at Unit4 Connects
Beau and Kathleen at Unit4 Connects
Keynote speakers The O'Shea Report had everyone laughing with their witty yet accurate views on topics like communication, conference calls and management. Check them out.
IMARC International Mining and Resources Conference
22nd-26th September, Melbourne, Australia
Australia's largest ever Mining event brought together leaders, policy makers, financiers, technical experts, innovators and educators to explore the challenges, solutions and triumphs of Mining in 2014!
On the 24th, Joe Collins addressed Mining Industry Leaders on "Increasing Corporate Returns Through Effective CPM". His speech got the attendees thinking about whether they have a CPM framework and systems that will enable financial growth. Read more here
Joe Collins addresses Mining Industry on CPM
Joe Collins addresses Mining Industry on CPM
AUMA Convention and AMSC Tradeshow
24th-26th September, Alberta, Canada
This event gave professionals from Municipalities in Alberta the opportunity to discuss the issues facing their organisations. Beau Murfitt and Kathleen Murphy were on hand to discuss the benefits of SYCLE. Read more here.
Keeping up with CAMMS!
We've created LinkedIn Showcase pages for each of the areas we specialise in to share the most relevant information with you. Click below to follow the Showcase Pages that suit your needs best.
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