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So far 2014 has been a very busy year for all of us here at CAMMS and for our clients too, so it's good to take a step back and acknowledge what we've accomplished to date. CAMMS has participated in some of the biggest Local Government and industry events in Australia and we were able to witness a number of awards being given to our clients. Our Hazard Management module was released, which we are pleased to say has been well received by our customers with many taking the opportunity to purchase straight away, and we've also run some well attended Performance Management workshops. I think it's safe to say that we're well on the way to helping you make 2014 the year of Intelligent Performance!
A massive congratulations goes out to our clients who were winners and nominees of some very prestigious awards. We're proud to be a part of your journey to success!
2014 LGPro Awards for Excellence
These prestigious annual awards play an important role in recognising and celebrating the fantastic programs, projects and individual achievements of people working in Local Government. 7 award winners, 13 nominations and 1 high commendation were CAMMS clients!
Innovation in Management Initiative - Knox City Council
Service Delivery Initiative - Casey City Council
Special Projects Initiative - Maroondah City Council
Community Partnerships Initiative - Melton City Council and City of Yarra
Community Assets & Infrastructure (over $1.5 million) - Mitchell Shire Council
Organisational Diversity - Darebin City Council.
County of
Wetaskiwin No.10
The County of Wetaskiwin No.10 strongly believes that establishing and fostering a creative, fun and friendly Corporate Culture is essential to a positive and successful workplace. To support this Culture and the alignment of staff with the County's strategic direction Wetaskiwin recently selected CAMMS Workforce Planning Centre and CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System. The purchase of CAMMS solutions will allow Wetaskiwin to improve their ongoing talent management and continue to be seen as innovators.
Brighton and Hove City Council
First purchasing CAMMS interplan® and Integrated Risk Manager solutions back in 2009, Brighton and Hove City Council, with its population of 250,000 people, have renewed their licenses for an additional 3 years and grown their user base to 600 staff across the City.
St Vincent de Paul
St Vincent de Paul selected CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System (PES) because they were confident PES could help them achieve their objectives to:
Be an employer of choice by establishing a high performing culture with continual improvement
Do away with time consuming, resource heavy and costly manual service review
Reward and recognise excellent performance
Retain and develop talent
Make performance management a key part of their business strategy by aligning individual's performance against their corporate objectives
Make performance evaluations easy for all their employees.
Gunnedah Shire Council
"Gunnedah opted to invest in CAMMS Integrated Risk Manager Solution, in place of a free competitive solution, because they saw that the benefits of utilising a comprehensive solution with risk and strategy aligned and fully integrated far outweighed the costs of operating a standalone application."
Reports Vicki Wright, Business Development Manager at CAMMS.
Shire of Moora
The Shire of Moora selected CAMMS interplan® because they were looking for a solution to integrate their strategic community plan, corporate plan, workforce plan and long term financial plan in one easily accessible location.
Other benefits they have realised using interplan® include:
An organisation-wide, best practice approach to implementing, monitoring, coordinating and reporting on business plans and projects
Significant resource efficiency savings
Minimised risk through the coordination of planning and performance information
Improved reporting mechanisms
Make performance evaluations intuitive, fast, and easy for all their employees.
District Council of Grant
"The District Council of Grant is looking forward to the utilisation of PES during the coming years to facilitate a streamlined performance development review system throughout Council. Our previous manual system although sound, has been lacking in the reporting and tracking ability which PES will provide. Council will now be able to undertake an analysis across the business to determine any areas for improvement as well as identifying areas for provision of training."
Marianne Tucker, Organisational Development Manager, District Council of Grant.
City of Leduc
The City of Leduc is the southern gateway to Alberta's Capital Region and one of the fastest-growing communities in Canada. Having recently implemented CAMMS interplan® and Interactive Business Planning solutions the City has now decided to implement CAMMS Personnel Evaluation System. The key benefits of aligning people to the corporate plans, replacing an outdated appraisal system and providing improved analytics were key aspects of moving forward with this approach.
Waikato District Council Waikato Regional Council Greater City of Bendigo
Launceston City Council Lake Macquarie City Council City of Casey
Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)  
At CAMMS we continue to look for innovative ways to exceed our clients' needs. With our continued investment in Research & Development the CAMMS team identified an opportunity to provide our clients with a solution to effectively record Hazards in the workplace and integrate this information within their existing Integrated Risk Manager Solution.
CAMMS Hazard Management Module has been designed to assess, manage and monitor workplace hazards.
To learn more about the CAMMS Hazard Management Module, read the press release, download the product flyer, listen to our recent webinar or call your CAMMS Account Manager to arrange a demonstration.
** Till the end of April CAMMS is offering special pricing on all new purchases of its Hazard Management Module. Contact your account manager today for more information.**
Specialised Best Practice Performance
Management Workshops
This one day paid intensive workshop, delivered by a Senior CAMMS Consultant, equips participants with the insight and tools needed to support your organisation's journey towards better performance and accountability.
"Excellent mix between strategic framework concepts and practical application."
Bridget Draper, Program Leader Performance Improvement, City of Kingston
Interested in attending an upcoming Workshop in your city? Email us your details.
Services Specials
Rollover Assistance
If your company needs assistance in rolling your current year organisational planning and reporting to next year's organisational planning then the CAMMS Rollover Assistance program is an ideal opportunity to work with one of our experts to get you there with minimal interruption. 
Download the Rollover Assistance flyer to learn more.
Bulk Services Offer
CAMMS Bulk Services Packages are ideal for clients aiming to maximise the value generated from CAMMS products, utilising our expertise in the successful rollout and training of other clients across the globe. CAMMS Services Packages have been designed for organisations of all sizes, with packages ranging from 5 to 20 days and can be utilised on a variety of options.
Click here to learn more about our Bulk Services Offer.

Individual Performance Planning Webinar
On April 10th, Joshua Warner, Learning & Development Coordinator from Melton City Council (MCC) will be joining us for a one hour webinar on MCC's Performance Management Strategy. Joshua will take us through MCC's journey, the challenges they faced along the way, lessons learned and the benefits they have realised by implementing a successful Performance Management Framework which is being used by over 400 employees to measure their performance evaluation, capability assessment and ongoing skill development.
If your organisation is looking to:
Be seen as an employer of choice by establishing a high performing culture with continual improvement
Empower your organisation to recognise and reward high performers
Prioritise training programs aligned to organisational need
Retain and develop talented employees
Clearly align your individual performance management objectives with corporate objectives
Simplify your current appraisal process and reduce the time it takes to complete them.
Then this is the webinar for you. Register today to secure your spot.
RevuMap Webinar – Delivering Better Services for Less!
29th April 2014
North America - 9:00am PDT / 12:00pm EDT
Australia - 12.00pm AEST
Whether you're facing increased cost pressures, increasing stakeholder expectations, changing regulations or simply want to raise the bar through continuous improvement you need a methodology and toolset that can help.
Invest 45 minutes of your time participating in our April 29th RevuMap webinar to learn more about how you can:
Leverage technology to support and embed your business improvement methodologies like Service/Core Review, Lean Six Sigma, Business Excellence and TQM
Benefit from automatic process mapping and costing
Undertake comprehensive service based customer, stakeholder and risk analysis
Assess individual and combined service level scenarios
Capture, implement and monitor key improvement initiatives and ongoing service performance
Involve and empower staff to create positive change
Create a single integrated and living "service intelligence" portal of key service information, business processes and procedures
Link to your ongoing workforce planning.
To register or for more information head to their website at www.revumap.com.
Stay up to date with what's going on over at RevuMap by following them on Social Media:
CAMMS is pleased to announce that we are now Corporate Sponsors of LGMA NSW. We look forward to networking with members at the April 10 Awards Dinner. CAMMS are sponsoring the Next Gen – Emerging Leader award category.
We've also taken part in a number of industry events so far this year, here's just a few of them. 
2014 LGPro Annual Conference - Melbourne, Australia
This year the theme for the LGPro Annual Conference, an event designed for members of Local Government in Victoria, Australia, was
'A Place for Everyone'. The two-day event proved to be a success once again, with over 700 people in attendance.  
Pictured above is Matt Lovell and Adam Collins from CAMMS chatting with Wendy Hrynyszyn from
Latrobe City Council.
Congratulations to David at Corangamite for
winning our Prize draw.
At the Annual Conference dinner, The Awards for Excellence were presented. To view a list of the award winners click here.
CAMMS is proud to be a Corporate Member of LGPro and sponsor the Annual Conference again this year.
Gartner BI & IM Summit 2014 - Sydney, Australia
The Gartner BI & IM Summit 2014 was all about harnessing emerging trends and technologies to create strategies that enable organisations to become more transparent, decisive and personalised. 
Hot topics included 'New Styles of Analytics', 'Information as an Asset' and 'Master Data Management'. Keynote speakers were varied and their knowledge and viewpoints helped to drive home the main themes.
Western Division Councils of NSW Annual Conference - Australia
Representing 13 local government areas which cover 60% of NSW, the Western Division Councils of NSW Annual Conference was held in Hillston earlier this month. 
This year there was a strong focus on reform and regional funding for infrastructure. There was also interesting discussions with the Minister on whether or not he would support councils taking on additional funded services in their communities to increase financial sustainability of local government in the regions.
Here's a list of the events we will be participating in in the near future:
2014 LGMA National Congress and Business Expo
  30th April - 2nd May, Melbourne, Australia
2014 Best Practice in Local Government Conference
  21st - 22nd May, Sydney, Australia 
2014 LGMA Conference 
  10th - 12th June, Vancouver, Canada
Alarm National Education Forum
  22nd - 24th June, Manchester, United Kingdom.
CAMMS has relocated its United Kingdom office to Manchester, new contact details below.
With the new office opening we also welcome on-board Adam Westbrook and Andy Perry.
Suite 5.3, Lowry House, 17 Marble Street, Manchester, M2 3AW, United Kingdom,
T:+44 (0161) 6614445.
Reminder to all that the CAMMS Forum, is up and running at full speed! This is the place to ask questions, get advice or just interact with other CAMMS users. Unlike LinkedIn, the CAMMS Forum is a private group so anything you post is only visible to approved members.
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