VenuesWest, Australia

VenuesWest was after a product comprehensive enough to allow it to manage risks across their portfolio which currently consists of 13 venues. With our help, they now easily manage strategic and operational risk across venues – and are also about to start using our incident and audit add-ons.

VenuesWest used CAMMS’ system to manage risk during the development and construction of their newest venue – Optus Stadium, completed in January, 2018. The multipurpose 60,000-seat venue hosts AFL, rugby, football (soccer), cricket and entertainment events.

Risk, Safety and Wellbeing Manager John Sawka said it showed the diversity of CAMMS’ risk management software.

“It’s a complex task, managing risk across so many venues, and also managing risk on a venue under construction. But the CAMMS product has made the whole process much simpler.”

“The system is simple, effective, easy to use and affordable. It actually makes people want to use the system which is great for the organization and great for me as the Risk Manager.

“CAMMS’ risk management software delivers exactly what was expected – and promised. Executive feedback has been extremely positive especially about the quality of the reports that the system is able to generate.”