Melton City Council, Australia

Melton City Council, one of Australia’s fastest-growing municipalities, needed to improve its people performance framework. Prior to implementing CAMMS’ talent management system, the council’s approach was an inconsistent, inefficient and disparate paper-based personnel appraisal system.

Individual performance was not aligned to corporate strategy and there was no supporting framework for staff development.

After an internal audit, Melton City Council decided it needed an online, purpose-built, functional, easy-to-use performance planning framework that would help it to manage more than 500 staff members across 15 different work sites.

After evaluating several systems, the council selected CAMMS’ talent management capability because it met all of these objectives.

With CAMMS’ system in place, employees are now measured against a set of consistent core values and tiers of organizational capabilities, which are linked to the council’s corporate objectives.

Staff members are more motivated to use the talent management system as they understand that their chances of climbing the corporate ladder are linked to their performance.

The CAMMS’ solution has also helped the council to develop a framework for training, development, reward, succession and progression.

Learning and Development Coordinator, Josh Warner, said staff members were now much better equipped to manage and lead.

Mr Warner said staff now felt more engaged and empowered, leading to a healthier corporate culture and improvements in productivity.

“The main benefit of using CAMMS’ talent management capability has been the consistency in performance measurement as well as the ability to build our corporate values and organizational capabilities into the system,”

Learning and Development Coordinator, Josh Warner