Conwy County Council, UK

Conwy County Borough Council, a council in North Wales covering a population of 115,000 people, was facing austerity measures and the possibility of merging with neighbouring councils. It needed an integrated performance, planning and risk management solution to help it function faster and achieve more – and thankfully CAMMS had just the right system.

Before working with CAMMS, CCBC had no integration of program and project management to its corporate strategy and risk management frameworks. The system was primarily paper-based, a process that was draining on both time and resources.

“The chasing of updates and pasting into a usable report format was almost a full time job, meaning that little time was spent on addressing quality assurance or analysis/evaluation of what the data was telling us,” CCBC’s Principal Research and Information Officer, Mark Bowler, said.

In search of a solution to solve these issues, CCBC purchased CAMMS’ SYCLE suite for Local Government with strategy, risk and project management.

For several years, the council had been looking to bring together risk management alongside project and performance management and strategic planning.

“While there were lots of other established computer solutions that provided performance and risk management functionality, CAMMS was the only one that fully integrated project management,” Mr Bowler said.

“In our view this made them stand out at the time over all their competitors.”

CCBC has now improved access, transparency and accountability of all reporting and planning processes.

The council is now saving significant time and money, eliminating the duplication present while working in multiple, disparate systems and reducing the time needed to produce reports.

Now, CCBC can spend more time analzsing its data and working to improve performance. The performance management culture in many of the council’s key services has changed.

Managers are using the system themselves to monitor the performance and progress of their teams. This has improved the quality of the overall business plans, better reflecting the activity that is going on.