Bendigo Health, Australia

Bendigo Health, which oversees a population of more than 300,000 in Victoria, Australia, was spending significant time and effort tracking, measuring and monitoring achievement of the organization’s corporate objectives. Its reliance on disparate systems and manual processes hindered its ability to be agile and responsive.

Working with CAMMS, Bendigo Health redesigned its business planning framework and formed annual targets and 90-day action plans aligned to their strategic plan.

Using these measures, the organization then defined actions and tasks required to execute its plan.

An intuitive ‘quick update’ screen made it easy for staff to monitor progress and rapidly address areas requiring their greatest attention and support.

Director of Governance, Strategy and Risk, Yvonne Wrigglesworth, said that prior to implementing CAMMS’ strategy software, Bendigo Health was data rich, but information poor.

“Through the utilization of CAMMS’ solutions we have made reporting intuitive, something managers think about on a regular basis,” she said.

Now, Board reports, Executive reports and additional flexible reports are produced “at the touch of a button”.

Duplication has been eliminated, and the organization now has a much more transparent and responsive system, allowing managers to focus on the big picture, end-to-end process, rather than just a task in isolation.