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Webinar recording and slides: Leveraging smarter ideas for smarter decisions

Did you miss our latest webinar on ‘Leveraging smarter ideas for smarter decisions’? Don’t fret, we’ve got you covered!

CAMMS hosted a live global webinar introducing our latest Ideas Management solution, cammsideas, to demonstrate how we can help your team align ideas and fresh thinking to strategy, get the right ideas to the right people and convert your ideas into rapid innovation.

You can check out the slides and request for the recording here.

cammsideas webinar presentation slides

We’ve uploaded the webinar slide deck to SlideShare so you can walk-through the presentation at your own convenience…

Download the presentation slides HERE>


cammsideas recording

Keen to view the webinar in its entirety? Simply email and we’ll send you a private link to the recording.


Why watch?

Sourcing, evaluating and acting on innovative ideas is a key pillar of any agile organisation and this is where ‘cammsideas’ can help!

cammsideas is your organisation’s home for innovations, initiatives and improvements.

Whether it’s transformative strategic change or small scale operational efficiency improvements, they’ll find a home here, with a clear path to decision making and action.


What will you learn?

This webinar explores topics such as:

  • How to capture the right ideas at the right time
  • How to drive rapid organisational innovation through collaborative idea generation
  • Leveraging cammsideas to turning your ideas into reality


Like to find out more?

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information. Haven’t got your hands on cammsideas yet, or want a personalised demonstration? Simply reach out to and we’ll get you started.



With over 20 years’ experience in providing Enterprise Performance Management solutions on a global scale, we have the expertise, resources and experiences to recognise and meet your unique ideas management objectives.

With cammsideas every good idea has the best chance of becoming a reality. Make smarter decisions with meaningful insights while driving an innovation culture within your organisation!

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