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Top New Features in cammsrisk

Today we’re pleased to announce that cammsrisk is now available!

This marks a significant milestone for the CAMMS team, and certainly one of the most exciting releases we have done in some time.

Cammsrisk is the product of many beautiful minds from both those at CAMMS, as well as our customer base from across the globe – and I’m thrilled to say that feedback we have received from our beta users has been glowing.

CAMMS risk management software took many beautiful minds to create it
Many collaborative blackboard sessions were behind the design of cammsrisk!

We have also released the cammsrisk website, including a video and case studies. I think it looks pretty impressive and is testament to the hard work from our website team. So, you’re probably wondering what cammsrisk actually involves?

Here are my favourite parts:

Heightened user experience

Our #1 priority from the get go. Using the latest UI technology available we’re able to provide modern, user friendly screens that look great.

CAMMS Risk Analysis Heat Map Modern Interface

New, modern side bar

Introducing the quick side bar menu! A concept designed to easily navigate to the key areas of the product.

Speed the key

Load time was a significant consideration in our design process, and something we tested heavily.

Useable when you’re on the go

Cammsrisk is accessible through mobile application on both phone and tablet (Android and iOS).

CAMMS Risk Mobile Application Interface - Android and iOS

Streamlined implementation

With pre-configured templates, you’ll be on your way in no time.

Information at your fingertips

Executive and manager level users are able to view the risk profile at any level of the organization through interactive analysis screens and dashboards.

A Risk Manager’s best friend

Clean, crisp reporting outputs that can be generated at a click of a button. Talk to us if you’d like something custom created for your organization.

+ much more!

Thanks to all those who helped on cammsrisk, all those who provided feedback, and most importantly our loyal customer base.

Until next time.

New users can purchase cammsrisk from as little as $34 USD per user, per month. Existing users of the CAMMS Risk Manager tool can also upgrade to cammsrisk through consultation with their Account Manager – or contact CAMMS Support at

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