Growing for a good cause: Men at CAMMS embrace the moustache

If you’ve worked, skyped or met with any of the men at CAMMS this month, you might have noticed something different.  Something fuzzy, prickly and, in some cases, barely detectable.  But, no matter how undesirable – or invisible – that slender sliver of a slug on our collective upper lip may look, it’s all for a good cause.  After all, Movember is the month to grow a mo for men’s’ health!



“Grow a Mo, Save a Bro”

Participating in our second consecutive Movemeber, we’ve already seen some fantastic ‘crumb catchers’ emerge.  But, as much as we like the fashion statement, we’d also love your help to raise funds for this worthy cause.

To help a Mo Bro out, simply, visit our CAMMS Team account to donate and laugh at some horrific attempts at ‘facial hair’.

You can also register yourself for a late charge at the Movember challenge by going HERE>

Or, you can directly donate by going HERE>

And, because we’re all about equality and participation here at CAMMS, many of our women warriors are doing their bit too, exercising throughout Movember in exchange for your donations.


The hairy horror: See our (pathetic) progress below

Attempts from our Adelaide office…

CAMMS Movember - Attempts from our Adelaide office


And mesmerizing moustaches from our Melbourne office…

CAMMS Movember - Mesmerizing moustaches from our Melbourne office


Movember = Mo (for moustache) + November

Just in case you’ve been living under a hairy rock, Movember is an annual charitable not-for-profit campaign that occurs throughout November.  The aim?  To “Stop Men Dying Too Young”.

The Movember Foundation originated in Melbourne, Australia in 2003 with a total participation of 30 men and raised $0.  Today, the foundation – having spread worldwide – is the only charity that tracks men’s health ‘on a global scale, all year around’ and is raises over $5.5 million annually.

The biggest health issues addressed by the foundation includes prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and suicide prevention.


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