cammsengage – The revolutionary new approach to stakeholder reporting!

CAMMS is excited to announce the launch of cammsengage, a revolutionary new approach to stakeholder reporting helping hundreds of organisations create compelling dashboards that are insightful, visually appealing, engaging and speak to board members, CEO’s and your community.

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What will you learn?

  • How stakeholder empowerment is linked to organisational sustainability
  • How to create insightful and visually appealing dashboards
  • How to leverage cammsengage to tell a compelling story to your stakeholders

Why cammsengage?

Imagine a world where creating a dashboard for your stakeholders, is as simple as choosing your data, configuring a theme and hitting publish.

When you don’t have all the data you need at your fingertips to present to stakeholders of your organisation, creating insightful and visually appealing dashboards can be incredibly challenging. This usually means that you end up spending a lot of extra time having to track down all the data or information you need, possibly from a number of different sources.

With cammsengage you can tell  own your own story about your organisation’s key strategic actions, risks and projects providing visibility about your organisation’s progress in a truly community-friendly manner.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing Enterprise Performance Management solutions on a global scale, we have the expertise, resources and experiences to recognise and meet your unique reporting and dashboarding objectives.

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