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Enterprise Risk Management

Managing factors of uncertainty in order to meet corporate objectives

Any business faces sources of uncertainty. Organisations need the ability to understand and respond to that uncertainty to first of all shape, then meet, corporate objectives

CAMMS supports efficient and effective decision making with a consistent, coherent approach to managing risk.

  • Implement a robust Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework
  • Adhere to international standards such as ISO:31000 as well as industry level standards.
  • Assess and analyse risks with tracked action plans, audits, analytics and reports
  • Enable a holistic approach to ERM with risk management practices informing strategic, operational and project level plans as well as budgets and financial plans
  • Utilise cutting-edge Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics to enable informed decision making and measure the success of your initiatives
  • Empower individuals to contribute to risk management processes and link their contributions to performance plans
  • Easily manage risk at any time, from anywhere using CAMMS Cloud

With CAMMS you can:

  • Reduce the cost of risk monitoring, administration and reporting time by 43%
  • Increase the efficiency of risk monitoring, administration and reporting time by 49%
  • Increase the productivity of risk management staff by 48%
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